Deploying Azure Functions using Azure DevOps

In this post, we will look at how to deploy Azure Functions using pipelines in Azure DevOps. Functions are great for execution specific actions without the need for infrastructure. Functions made the process really easy and give you a high degree of control and configuration.

DevOps Squared - Episode #15

In this episode, I am talking to Gregor Suttie who is the Head of Development at Sword and a Microsoft Azure MVP. We discuss using Azure DevOps to enable DevOps in your organisation and Gregor discusses his favourite aspects of working with Azure.

Azure DevOps 101: Pipelines

I love the pipeline functionality in Azure DevOps. I love how feature rich it is in terms of where you can deploy your code as well as how extensible it is, much like other areas of the tool. It's a big topic, but I wanted to start a simple post sharing the high level constructs and features of pipelines.

DevOps Squared - Episode #14

In this episode, I am talking to Marcus Gardiner-Hill, who is a Principal DevOps Consultant with Prism Digital. We are discussing the effects of DevOps on the recruitment industry, what Marcus looks for when hiring for roles, and what makes a great CV.

DevOps Squared - Episode #13

In this episode, we are talking about the relationship between Scrum masters and DevOps. Discussing how important DevOps is within a successful Scrum project, how important the tooling is, how Scrum needs to adapt for DevOps, and what we can take into other Scrum projects from DevOps.