Episode #19 - DevOps and Microservices

Episode 19 of the DevOps Squared podcast is now available. This week I have the priviledge to speak to Tracy Ragan, CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub, about microservices and DevOps.

Cloud Native for IT Pros: Introduction

Today, blogs and content about cloud native technologies are generally aimed at developers. Even as we move away from traditional infrastructure, don’t forget the IT Pro. Having an IT Pro who understands cloud native builds a strong story for DevOps adoption in your organisation. In this first post let’s lay some ground work for IT Pros when it comes to cloud native.

Speaking at DevOps Exchange

I am pleased to announce that on Thursday 10th September 2020 I will be speaking at the September edition of DevOps Exchange, my subject will be Cloud Native for IT Pros.

DevOps Squared - Episode #18

This week on the podcast, I am pleased to be joined by Nadeem Augustine who is the Head of DevOps at Old Mutual in South Africa. This week we are discussing the DevOps toolchain on Amazon Web Services.

Speaking at DevOps Experience 2020

I’m pleased to say I had notification today, that my session on Achieving your DevOps Goals has been accepted for DevOps Experience 2020.