DevOps Leader from the DevOps Institute

As an ambassador with the DevOps Institute, I think it’s important that ambassadors take part in the certification system and support the certification of others. Understanding the way to articulate DevOps to leadership and leading DevOps efforts is important when it comes to advancing the humans of DevOps.

Migrating to Azure Static Web Apps

I recently took the decision to move my blog away from Wordpress to one hosted on Azure Static Web Apps using Azure CDN to host my static content such as images. I wanted to share my experience of moving and share some tips which may help you if you are thinking of doing the same.

Creating a CDN Helper in Dot Net Core

In my previous post, I talked about static content hosting, if you are a developer, then this helper will save you a bunch of time. Join me in this post as we create a HTML helper in Dot Net Core to reference files in your content delivery network.

Cloud Native for IT Pros: Architecture Patterns

In my introduction post on Cloud Native for IT Pros I discussed the architecture patterns around cloud native. But patterns exist to solve specific challenges. So in this post I want to look at the challenges of cloud development, and the patterns we can use to resolve them.

Episode #19 - DevOps and Microservices

Episode 19 of the DevOps Squared podcast is now available. This week I have the priviledge to speak to Tracy Ragan, CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub, about microservices and DevOps.